Waynesboro Generals Acquired by Long Time Supporters

Brent Ward and Kathleen Kellett-Ward Acquire Local Baseball Team

Waynesboro, Virginia

Supporting the Shenandoah Valley community is something the Ward family gets fulfillment from, so when given the opportunity to acquire their beloved Waynesboro Generals Baseball Team, they jumped at the chance.

Born and raised in Waynesboro, Brent Ward has baseball in his blood. His grandfather spear-headed the building of Wayne Hills Baseball Field and organized the North Little League. Brent’s father played and then coached for many years. Brent and his brother both played baseball since they were kids. Brent’s wife, Kathleen Kellett-Ward, moved to Waynesboro VA in 2002 and now has the Top Selling Real Estate Team in the Shenandoah Valley. She has been very active in community, supporting local businesses, helping local charities and providing opportunity for over 12 years.

The Wards have a history with, and a passion for, supporting the Waynesboro Generals. Two years ago, they volunteered to be the host family for a member of the team. One member became two and soon after became four. “It was a terrific experience for our family – especially our kids,” said Kathleen Kellett-Ward. “ We stay in touch with all of our players to some degree and especially one, Zach Sterry who was drafted shortly after he left here, to the Red Sox. They have become extensions of our family and we have thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“My husband and I have enjoyed our past experience with the team and we see the potential for the growth in the future,” said Kellett-Ward. “It’s an amazing organization for our local community to rally behind.” College students from all over the country are able to experience the unique, small town of Waynesboro and enjoy the experience and the Wards get fulfillment from impacting today’s youth in a positive way.

Brent Ward and Kathleen Kellett-Ward look forward to a great season and a successful future with the Waynesboro Generals. Waynesboro Amateur Athletics Inc is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Your donation is greatly appreciated. Visit waynesborogenerals.net for more information and game schedules.