Waynesboro Amateur Athletics

In 2010, Waynesboro Generals Baseball LLC purchased the team. Led by Jim Critzer and David Gauldin II, the new ownership group worked to reform as a nonprofit under Section 501c(3).

In 2012, Waynesboro Amateur Athletics was officially recognized as a non-profit entity and the governing board of the Waynesboro Generals organization. The surplus of the organization will be redistributed to the community in the form of contributions to local high-school and little league baseball programs.

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Mission: Waynesboro Amateur Athletics Inc a 501(c)(3) corporation managed by community volunteers operates a Valley Baseball League franchise known as the Waynesboro Generals founded in 1935. Waynesboro Amateur Athletics’ commitment to the community is to provide a civic responsible entity that improves the quality of amateur athletics, host a community fun filled family oriented activity, serve those in need, and demonstrate the example of responsible leadership within our Waynesboro, VA community.


Waynesboro Amateur Athletics Board of Directors:
Kathleen Kellett-Ward
Brent Ward
Tyler Hoffman